We make sure that you have the right chemistry.
We make sure that you have the right chemistry.
Raw materials

Raw material analysis

Chemical and physical properties

Correct raw materials are the basis for high-quality products - but can you trust specifications blindly?

Raw materials and auxiliaries

Our raw materials group characterizes your raw materials and auxiliaries in order to exclude material mix-ups or to analyze the content of active substances, pollutants or impurities. For chemical analysis, numerous classical chemical methods as well as various spectroscopic and chromatographic procedures are available. The range of services extends from routine control of incoming materials and release measurements for medical products up to detailed analysis of contamination caused by transport. Prevent unwanted substances from the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) or RoHS lists (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) from entering your product by means of trace analysis.  

Polymer characterisation

As part of quality assurance and process control, polymer characterization covers a wide range of plastics, as well as their fillers and additives. Does the content of glass fibres, flame retardants, matting agents etc. comply with the specifications? The content of these typical additives can be measured via X-ray fluorescence analysis or residue on ignition. For polymeric materials, the residual moisture is also important, which can lead to moisture streaks or degradation by hydrolysis during injection moulding. Measurements of the solution viscosity or an end group determination for polyester allow quantification of the damage of a polymer. The molecular weight distribution influences the solubility of a polymer and can be very important for the further processing. Physical quantities such as melting temperature, density, colour can of course also be measured. 

Some polymer properties cannot be determined directly from the granulate. In such cases, suitable test samples are produced from the granulate in order to carry out mechanical tests (strength, toughness, elongation, ...) or physical tests (hardness, Vicat softening temperature, ...) in accordance to standards.  

Analysis packages

Ready-made analysis packages are available for special industries or questions. Tell us your requirements. We will be pleased to submit you an offer for raw material analysis.

By the way ...

For some of the routine measurements we offer a special 24h service.

Erika Schuster
Head of Chemistry Laboratory
Ann-Kathrin Schönbein
Head of NMR spectroscopy
ICP-OES zur Spurenanalytik

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