Chemical, thermal or mechanical – we get to the bottom of it
Chemical, thermal or mechanical – we get to the bottom of it

Product analysis

The methods of testing are as numerous as the products themselves and their areas of application, but also depend on the problem. Below you will find typical tests for components. 

Component specifications

The corresponding links lead to the Automotive subpage, but can also be applied to other components. 

Competitor analytics

Learn from your competitors' products! Get inspirations for new ideas.

  • Structure and construction
  • Chemical composition
  • Information on the manufacturing process
  • ...

Environmental simulation and properties of use

A component is exposed to many external influences during its lifetime, which we can simulate in a specific and time-related manner. 

Analysis packages

Ready-made analysis packages are available for special industries, e.g. for various release tests in the  automotive supplier sector. Tell us your requirements. We will be pleased to submit an offer for product analysis on your samples.

Christopher Wolf
Automotive Testing
Xenotest 440 zur Bewitterungsprüfung

Typische Fragestellungen unserer Kunden

Thermisch-physikalische Eigenschaften
  • Schmelztemperatur
  • Dichte
  • Refraktion
  • Farbe
  • Glührückstand
  • Glasübergangstemperatur
  • ...
  • Polymercharakterisierung
    • Schmelztemperatur
    • Dichte
    • CIELAB Farbmessung
    • Refraktionsindex
    • Oberflächenspannung
    • Glasübergangstemperatur
    • ...
Mechanische und strukturelle Messgrößen
  • Reißfestigkeit
  • Viskosität
  • Rauheit
  • Härte
  • Schrumpf
  • Partikelgröße
  • Schichtdicke
  • ...
  • Polymercharakterisierung
    • Lösungsviskositäten
    • Schmelzflussrate
    • Staub- und Aschegehalt
    • Trockenrückstand
    • Siebanalysen
    • ...
Bewitterung und Umweltsimulationen
  • Alterung und Beständigkeit von Materialien durch Sonnensimulation (Xenotest)
  • Klimaauslagerung
  • Schweißtest
  • ...

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