X-ray structure analysis

The following list briefly explains the principle of X-ray structure analysis.
In addition, typical areas of application are presented as examples:

X-ray structure analysis with powder diffraction

X-ray structure analysis allows the identification of crystalline materials via X-ray diffraction (XRD) at the crystal lattice. The position and intensity of the maxima in the diffraction pattern depends on the arrangement of the atoms in the crystal lattice and is thus specific to a material. X-ray structure analysis is often performed on fine powders and is therefore also called powder diffractometry

The powder diffractometry is used for 

  • Identification of crystalline solids and their quantification
  • Determination of the crystal modifications of a compound (phase analysis)
  • Measurement of lattice parameters, crystallite sizes and degree of crystallinity
  • Characterisation of hydroxyapatite with respect to crystallinity, phase purity and Ca/P ratio according to ISO 13779-3
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X-ray diffraction
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