Optical testing

The following list briefly explains the principle of some of our optical testing methods.
In addition, typical areas of application are shown as examples:

Color measurement

  • A color measurement can be carried out using color measuring instruments or spectrophotometers under various standardized illumination or detector geometries. Either color values in the CIE Lab color space or spectral curves are obtained.
  • Fields of application: Quality control, quantification of color deviations, metamerism, checks of color consistency after environmental simulation tests.

Gloss measurement

  • The gloss measurement determines the directional part of the reflection of a surface. Various standardized measuring geometries (20°, 60° and 90°) are available for the measurement. The reflectometer value is referred to a standard (black polished glass plate).
  • Fields of application: Quality control, determination of gloss level or gloss deviations after resistance tests.

Light microscopy

  • Light microscopy enables the optical examination of small structures.
  • Fields of application: Damage analysis

Laser particle size measurement

  • Particles in a suspension scatter the laser light. Based on the intensity distribution in the diffraction pattern, the size distribution can be calculated.
  • Fields of application: Quality control, particle size distribution, droplet size in emulsions. 

UV-Vis spectroscopy

  • In molecular spectroscopy, absorption or scattering of the incident light occurs. This is characteristic for certain molecular fragments. The recorded spectra show specific bands for certain molecule components, which makes it possible to identify organic materials in particular.
  • Fields of application: Analysis of organic components, polymer characterization, damage analysis, stains and impurities, analysis of competitive products, ... 
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