Whether contamination or damage. Our laboratory gets to the bottom of the cause
Whether contamination or damage. Our laboratory gets to the bottom of the cause

Plastics laboratory and plastics testing

Your analytics specialist – from the polymer to the finished product

In our plastics laboratory, numerous microscopic and spectroscopic methods are available to determine the cause of impurities or injection moulding defects, for example, as part of a damage analysis. However, the experts in our plastics laboratory also have extensive experience in analysing problems during the further processing of plastics, such as electroplating or coating, or when unexpected changes occur in the plastic component under external influences.

Our plastics testing laboratory checks specifications of an injection moulded part and/or the polymer. Component tests include, for example, mechanical, thermal, optical or rheological properties, but also geometry, density, paint film thickness, electrical resistance, etc. In addition, our chemical laboratory offers you a chemical analysis of the plastic used with regard to polymer type, additive and filler content, moisture, solution viscosity and many other parameters, or we analyse the emissions emitted by the component.

Plastics are tested for their quality in a test laboratory specially designed for the automotive industry. Environmental simulation allows the influence of light, temperature, humidity, harmful gases or salt spray to be simulated in the laboratory. In addition, the chemical resistance of the plastic surface to various media (sweat, oils, sunscreen, solvents, etc.) can be tested and the abrasion resistance examined.

We would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer for plastics testing that is optimized to your problem. Please contact us.

Rainer Ziel
Failure analysis, microscopy and surface analysis

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