Workplace measurement, emission testing and raw material control – safe is safe
Workplace measurement, emission testing and raw material control – safe is safe

Health and hygiene

Workplace measurements

  • Hazard assessment in production and laboratories
  • (Air sampling and analysis of solid and gaseous hazardous substances
    such as formaldehyde, solvents, dust, ...)
  • Measurement of the indoor climate in the office
  • (CO2 content of the air, temperature, humidity, draught, pollutants, odour, ...)
  • Measurement of the exhaust air volume flow at fume cupboards
  • ...

Emission measurements

  • Exhaust air measurements (total carbon content,dust/aerosols,
    methane, carbon disulphide, hydrogen sulphide, ...), air exchange rate
  • Accredited and AQS-notified testing laboratory for groundwater, surface water
    and wastewater (laboratory analysis and via online sensors, sampling of
    cooling systems according to VDI 2047)
  • Noise measurements in production plants
  • Pollutant emission tests on vehicle interior parts (see Automotive emission tests)
  • ...

Testing of medical and hygiene products

  • Raw material control (purity of substances, active ingredient content, particle size, ...)
  • Product and failure analysis of medical technology materials such as medical textiles, membranes for filtration and dialysis, tubes, cannulas, reaction vessels, contact lenses, bone cement, medical instruments and devices, packaging, ...
  • Quality control during production for synthetic fibres in hygiene products
  • ...
Martina Hornung
Work place and emission measurement
Niclas Sanio
Workplace and emission measurements

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You can also find more information on our medical technology page, or simply contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer that is optimized to your problem. Through our colleagues at the SKZ in Würzburg, we can also have respiratory protection masks tested, for example. 

Due to its activities in the field of health and hygiene, Analytik Service Obernburg GmbH has been classified as system-relevant.

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