Burning tests

Fire and flame – measuring the horizontal burning speed

Automobile manufacturers must ensure that the materials installed in the vehicle ideally do not burn at all or at most at a defined speed. To ensure this, the determination of the horizontal burning speed is often part of the test scope of automotive release tests.

Test chamber for burning test

Common standards are e.g. ISO 3795, DIN 75200, GMW 3232, GB 8410, at VW TL 1010, BMW GS 97038 or DBL 5307 from Mercedes Benz . These standards are based in most points on the American regulation FMVSS 302. Differences lie in the subtleties of the evaluation, the permissible minimum sample size or the preconditioning or ageing of the sample. The structure of the horizontal test chamber to be used, however, is always the same (see figure on the right).

Carrying out the firing test

In the horizontal burning test, the test specimen is fired with a defined pilot flame and then the progression of the burning front is observed under precisely defined air flow conditions. The burning distance and the temporal course of the burning process are evaluated. The intensity of the flame formation is not decisive. Usually, the burning test is considered to be passed if the material does not ignite, extinguishes by itself or the burning rate is less than 100 mm/min. The individual specifications in the standards must be observed here.

Pre-treatment of samples and test specimen production

In addition to the actual burning test, the standards, e.g. VW TL 1010, often require a preconditioning, sometimes also an artificial ageing, of the samples. Thanks to our extensive equipment, we are also well equipped for these eventualities. Furthermore, in addition to carrying out the actual test, we offer you the production of test specimens from your raw material (for common thermoplastics). This is an important service, as it is often not possible to take the required flat and large-format test specimens from many components.

Would you like more combustion tests?

Within the SKZ Group we can offer you further variants of burning tests such as vertical burning tests according to DIN EN ISO 9773, testing with the glow wire according to DIN EN 60695-2-11, edge or surface burning according to DIN 53438-2 or DIN 53438-3.

ASO can offer you consulting services as well as testing services on the subject of burning tests. Accreditation according to ISO 17025, approval by Daimler AG and participation in round robin tests ensure that the tests are recognised without restriction. We would be pleased to submit an individual offer to you.

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Brennkammer zur Prüfung der horizontalen Brenngeschwindigkeit
Test zur horizontalen Brenngeschwindigkeit. Von der Prüfplatte tropft brennendes Material nach unten.

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