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Accredited according to ISO 17025

The accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 – a Europe-wide quality standard for analytical testing laboratories – represents the basic requirement for many of our customers. For example, IATF 16949 (formerly ISO TS 16949), which is valid in the automotive industry, requires the use of a testing laboratory accredited according to ISO 17025. As Analytik Service Obernburg, we have been accredited for more than 25 years according to ISO 17025 and/or the preceding standard EN 45001. In addition, our environmental group is an AQS-notified testing laboratory for groundwater, surface water and wastewater. 

Numerous comparisons and inter-laboratory tests in conjunction with our accreditation have proven that our analytical testing laboratory ranks in the top group of the participating laboratories. 

Regularly conducted customer opinion polls well show very good marks for expertise, quality, reliability as well as speed. In terms of prices, we also do not shy away from a comparison to competitors.

Scope of accreditation

The accreditation of the Analytik Service Obernburg directly applies to all testing methods listed in the appendix to the accreditation certificate. If you don’t explicitly find there the testing method requested by you, this is usually no problem – the Analytik Service Obernburg has a so-called flexible accreditation for close to all testing sectors. This is only awarded after the accreditation body has confirmed the corresponding professional competence of the testing laboratory. Therefore, the Analytik Service Obernburg is nearly always allowed to add testing methods to the scope of its accreditation as far as they are positioned within the limits defined by the respective testing sector. This guarantees that a testing method possibly missed by you can be accredited as well.

The test areas with flexible accreditation are marked with asterisks (*, ** or ***).

These asterisks mean:

*: Addition of standardized or equivalent testing methods within a defined testing sector is possible without problems (of special significance for automotive testing).

**: Modification, further development or new development of testing methods within a defined testing sector is possible without problems.

***: Application of the testing method with different dates of issue is possible without problems.

Peter Kümpel
Quality management

We are accredited according to ISO 17025

Logo Analytik Service Obernburg mit ISO 17025 Akkreditierung

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