Raw Material and Product Analysis

The raw material and product analyses deal with the characterization of samples from raw material, auxiliary material, products or machine parts. The scope extends from routine control and approval measurements to detailed analyses of the construction of competitive products.

Typical questions from our customers:

Chemical Analysis

  • Chemical composition, polymer characterization, odour, emission behaviour in the car interior, chemical resistance, solution viscosity, molecular weight distribution, …

discoloration and brittleness of a foil after environmental simulation

Thermal/Physical Characteristics

  • Melting point, density, viscosity, refraction, ash content, glass transition temperature, flammability, ...

Mechanical and Structural Measurements

  • Tensile strength, roughness, hardness, amount of shrinkage, particle size, …

Environmental Simulation  

  • Weathering and durability of materials under sun simulation (Xenotest), climate changes, perspiration test, …

We offer a special 24h service for certain routine measurements.

There are analysis packages available for special industries such as, for example, various approval tests of automotive suppliers. Tell us your needs. We would be happy to make you an offer.