Process Measurement Techniques and Environmental Analyses

Process Parameters, Design, Preventive Maintenance and Occupational Health Monitoring Here you will find analyses which directly deal with production and process:

Thermograhy: airbag temperature, 40 milli-seconds after triggering

Measurements of Process Parameters

  • On-line data acquisition via special sensors (also telemetric)
  • Fast video monitoring, also triggered by events
  • Maintenance and service of on-line process analyzers for waste water, air measurements, in-process titration
  • Preparation of standard solutions and references to support at-site analyses for our customers

Environmental Analysis and Occupational Health Monitoring

  • Noise Measurements
  • Waste water analyses (AQS-certified)
  • Flow rate and pollutant measurements from emission sources
  • Determination and monitoring maximum allowable concentrations on working places(MAC values)
  • Disposal Monitoring

Most of the methods are mobile and can be used at your place. We also offer an on-call service for analytical support for fast help in the case of environmental or waste water incidents.

You find environmental simulation test for components under product analysis.