Polymer and Plastics Analyses

Here is a summary of typical questions asked by our customers regarding the analysis of injection moulding parts, plastics and polymers:

Product Analysis of Plastic Components

  • Analysis of the composition of plastic(identity verification, polymer analysis such as molecular weight distribution, end group analysis or residual monomer/oligomer content)
  • Measurement of mechanical, thermal or rheological characteristics (analyses for specifications)
  • Measurement of emissions from plastics (odour test, fogging, emission of organic compounds, VDA 277, VDA 278...)
  • Environmental simulations (e.g. heat storage, exposure and weathering tests, perspiration resistance, flammability tests, …)
  • Visualization of flow lines in injection moulding components for the optimization of process and tool

Failure Analysis of Plastics

  • Failure analysis in plastic injection moulding components
  • Analysis of impurities or soiling on plastic surfaces
  • Analysis of coatings defects and surface coating problems

On-Site Process Measurement Techniques for Injection Moulding and Extrusion

  • Measurement of process parameters
  • Measurement of material characteristics during processing
  • Fluid-mechanical simulation for process optimization of injection moulding and extrusion
  • Preventive maintenance

With regard to man-made fibres and textiles, you will find a separate page with typical questions from our customers. Our testing laboratory looks forward to your inquiries.