Coatings and Coating Defects Analyses

Here is a summary of typical questions asked by our customers regarding the analysis of coatings and surface layers:

Coating Product Characterization

  • Analysis of the chemical composition of coatings or individual coating components (e.g. of competing products).
  • Analysis of the layer composition of coating systems and surface coatings (e.g. layer thickness, layer sequence). 
  • Analysis of the distribution of filler materials in coatings (pigments, dulling agents). 
  • Environmental simulation (e.g. heat storage, exposure and weathering tests)
  • ...

delamination of surface coatCoating Failure Analysis

  • Characterization of spots and soiling on the coating surface.
  • Analysis of coating defects (e.g. scratches, glossy or dull areas) and inclusions in the coating.
  • Surface analysis in the case of coating wetting problem on the surface of components.
  • Boundary analysis in case of coating delamination and poor adhesion of surface coats.
  • ...

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