Analysis of Man-made Fibres and (Industrial) Textiles

Here is a summary of typical questions asked by our customers regarding the analysis of fibres, textiles, nonwovens and other textile fabrics: 

Raw Material and Product Analysis of Fibres and Textiles  

  • Mechanical and structural characteristics (thread purity, tensile strength, thread count, shrinking behaviour, opening length, cross-sectional shape and size…)
  • Characterization of the colouring behaviour (test colouring and colorimetrics, production of cord hoses)
  • Analysis of sizes, spin finishes and other finishes on textiles
  • Adhesion measurements of threads and textiles in textile compounds
  • Environmental simulation (e.g. exposure and weathering tests, resistance to temperature)

Due to a shift system in place, routine analyses with very short turnaround times are offered, as well as customer-defined examinations.

Textile Failure Analysis 

  • Analysis of soiling on threads or textile surfaces
  • Tear and lint analyses including allocation to process
  • Analysis of streakiness of textiles
  • Inspection of tensile strength, tear resistance and the stability of compounds and stitches.
  • Defects in textile surfaces (local layer thickness, penetration depth, foreign materials, adhesion)

We would be happy to submit a nonbinding offer to you which is optimized to your problem. Please contact us.

In addition to the general process measurement techniques there are measurement methods available especially for the manufacturing and processing of man-made fibres. In addition, it is possible to conduct simulation calculations for process optimizations.