Analytics for the Chemical Industry

In our laboratory, a variety of spectroscopic and chromatographic methods is available to characterize raw materials, auxiliary materials, intermediates and products. Of course, also physical properties such as thermal or rheological characteristics can be determined. More details can be found under Raw Material and Product Analysis

In addition to flat samples, our surface analytics is also able to analyze ultra-fine powders such as catalysts. Using a special transfer unit, catalysts are moved from the process into the analytical instrument without exposure to oxygen. Sample changes can be largely avoided this way. 

Our at-site Process Measuring Techniques are capable of measuring process parameters like temperature, humidity, or speed. Such data may be relevant if you are planning a process optimization. The results from thermography or vibration analysis are highly useful in preventive maintenance: weak points or overload is detectable before a process failure occurs. Last but not least, we also offer the analysis of gaseous emissions and the determination of MAC values.

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