VDA 270

Determination of Olfactory Properties of Automotive Interior Materials.

During an olfactory test according to VDA 270, the odor of a material is judged by an appropriately trained jury in degrees. Those scale from grade 1 'indiscernible' to grade 6 'intolerable'. A typical limit for a VDA 270 test result is usually <3.0.

The VDA 270 is directly quoted by the standards of various OEMs like Daimler Chrysler, BMW and Porsche.  Other standards, describing an olfactory testing in a similar way are:  SAE J1351; Ford: BO 131-01; GM/Opel: GME 60276; GMW 3205; Hundai/Kia: MS 300-34; Nissan: NES M0160; PSA: D10 5517; Toyota: TSM 0505G; VolvoVCS 1027,2729; VW/Audi: PV 3900.

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