TL 226

Testing on lacquered car interior materials

The technical delivery term TL 226 is a specification of the Volkswagen AG used by VW and Audi. It applies to various kinds of lacquered, printed and coated car interior items.

Samples are pre-conditioned and tested towards various criteria, e.g.:

  • Adhesion: cross-cut test according to DIN EN ISO 2409
  • Scratch resistance (PV 3952)
  • Emission (various tests, described in VW 50180)
  • Temperature resistance: heat ageing, climatic extremes (Audi: PV 1200, VW: PV 2005)
  • Weather resistance (condensation water atmosphere acc. to DIN EN ISO 6270-2, light fastness (PV 1303) and corrosion (PV 1210))
  • Aging stability: hydrolysis, sunlight (DIN 75220) and wear resistance (PV 3906)
  • Chemical resistance: Solvents, sweat and cosmetics (PV 3964)

Please contact us for your personal quote regarding tests according to TL 226.