DIN 75220

Ageing of automotive components in solar simulation units

Materials in automotive applications are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and it is important to ensure they endure them without any unwanted effect or change in their properties. Besides (time consuming) natural weathering, this calls for irradiation testing as an accelerated means to emulate natural sunlight exposure.

The DIN 75220 describes the irradiation of interior and exterior automotive parts in a solar simulation unit. It describes cycled and steady-state testings. Climate conditions (temperature and air humidity) can also be specified. Many established automotive Standards refer to the DIN 75220, for example VW/Audi in the TL 226 or the TL 52013. Other OEMs include Daimler in DBL 5404 / DBL 9202 or the standard GS 95024-3-1 by BMW.

Regular follow-up examinations after solar irradiation are e.g. color and gloss measurements (CIELAB, Grayscale acc. to DIN EN ISO 105-A02) or scratch resistance / cross cut testing (DIN EN ISO 1518 and DIN EN ISO 2409).

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