DBL 7384

Coatings of plastic parts in vehicle interiors

Daimler-Benz delivery specifications DBL 7384 refers to various coatings of automotive interior plastic materials (lacquer, prints, PVD, ...). It describes numerous testing procedures, including:

  • Layer thickness
  • Cross-cut (DIN EN ISO 2409), scratch resistance (DBL 7399), abrasion (DIN EN ISO 60068-2-70)
  • Condensation water atmosphere  and hot water testing
  • Chemical Stability (Detergents, Solvents, Sweat, Cosmetics, ...) in combination with crockmeter tests and heat aging (DIN EN ISO 4628)
  • Emission: VOC/FOG acc. to VDA 278, Odour acc. to VDA 270
  • Ageing stability: hydrolysis  and hot-light (xenon) storage (DIN EN ISO 105-B06)

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