Initial sample testing according to automotive standards

Please find below a list of tests (sorted by OEM) according to automotive standards. This list represents an extract of the services offered by the Analytik Service Obernburg. If you wish to receive a Quote concerning automotive testings, please use our inquiry form obtainable here.

OEM Standard Keyword
BMW AA-0026 Ageing resistance test
BMW AA-0053 Sun cream resistance
BMW AA-0055 Chemical resistance
BMW AA-0061 Formaldehyde emission by HPLC
BMW AA-0079 Stone impact test (multi impact)
BMW AA-0101 Reflectometer value (gloss)
BMW AA-0134 Dry scratch resistance
BMW AA-0136 Resistance to pressurized water jetting
BMW AA-0180 Cross hatch testing
BMW AA-0203 Hydrolysis test
BMW AA-0213 Condensed water constant climate test
BMW AA-0224 Cyclic corrosion test
BMW AA-0236 Colour fastness by Xenotest
BMW AA-0257 Structure and gloss on painted surfaces
BMW AA-0324 Salt spray test
BMW AA-0328 Peel resistance adhesive tape
BMW AA-0340 Adhesion via scalpel hatch
BMW AA-0403 Colour comparison and metamerism
BMW AA-0469 Corrosion test lubricants
BMW AA-0471 Abrasion resistance Abrex
BMW AA-0570 Abrasion resistance flock
BMW AA-C 166 Emission test
BMW AA-P 276 Temperature cycling test
BMW GS 93008-1+2+4 Substances of concern acc. GS 93008-1+2+4
BMW GS 93011-2 Residue on ignition
BMW GS 93011-3 Determination of extractable matter
BMW GS 93011-5 Low-Temperature Standard Value
BMW GS 93011-7 Paint indifference
BMW GS 93026-1 Requirements textiles car interior
BMW GS 94007 Requirements painted plastic parts
BMW GS 94011 Test media and auxiliary test materials
BMW GS 95003-4 Climatic requirements electronics
BMW GS 95003-5 Chemical requirements electronics
BMW GS 95011-3 Protective coating electronics
BMW GS 95024-3-1 Environmental requirements electronics
BMW GS 97017 Requirements chrome plating
BMW GS 97033 Requirements decorative surfaces interior
BMW GS 97034-1 Abrasion test
BMW GS 97034-10 Scratch and abrasion test
BMW GS 97034-2 Fingernail test
BMW GS 97034-3 Shoe sole test
BMW GS 97034-4 Colour abrasion behaviour
BMW GS 97034-5 Resistance to cleaners
BMW GS 97034-6 Resistance to soil and cleaners
BMW GS 97034-7 Drop test
BMW GS 97034-8 Scratch inclination
BMW GS 97034-9 Scratch test
BMW GS 97038 Flammability
BMW GS 97058 Requirements self-adhesive labels
BMW PA 0015 Scratch resistance
BMW PA-P 028 Cross hatch testing
BMW PA-P 208 Condensed water constant climate test
BMW PA-P 295 Sun cream resistance
BMW PA-P 315 Abrasion test
BMW PR 121.2 Soiling and cleanability behaviour
BMW PR 209 Requirements sill finisher
BMW PR 231 Requirements door sealing
BMW PR 303.4 Climate change testing
BMW PR 303.5 Climate change testing
BMW PR 307.4 Resistance to scratching
BMW PR 308.2 Climate change testing
BMW PR 309 Vibration test
BMW PR 321.4 Requirements instrument panel
BMW PR 357 Dimensional stability climate change testing
BMW PR 397 Rotting consistency
BMW PR 506 Fingerprint test
BMW PR 556 Cream resistance thermoplastics
BMW PR 557 Chemical Resistance
BMW PR 562 Compatibility with assembly aids
BMW TP 303.5 Climate change testing
BMW TP 306.4 Sun light simulation
BMW VDA 278-BMW TD analysis of organic compounds
Chrysler LP-463PB-31-01 Resistance to Fluids
DAF CMT0021 Resistance to automotive fluids
DAF KEUR 00821-020 Dimensional stability after heat ageing
DAF KEUR 00821-024 Resistance to fungoid growth
DAF KEUR 00821-025 Cleanability interior panels
DAF KEUR 00822-107 Colour fastness to light
DAF KEUR 00822-108 Colour fastness against rubbing
DAF KEUR 00822-115 Resistance to ageing
DAF KEUR 00822-116 Resistance to wear
DAF KEUR 00822-120 Fogging behaviour
DAF KEUR 00822-122 Sensitivity to electrostatic charges
DAF KEUR 00824-101 Gloss
DAF KEUR 00824-110 Colour comparison
DAF KEUR 00824-401 Cross hatch testing
DAF KEUR 00824-402 Scratch resistance
DAF KEUR 00824-405 Stone impact test
DAF KEUR 00824-825 Resistance to perspiration
DAF KEUR 00824-826 Resistance to foodstuff attack
DAF KEUR 00824-827 Resistance to foodstuff attack
DAF KEUR 00824-840 Condensed water constant climate test
DAF KEUR 00824-841 Salt spray test
DAF KEUR 00824-843 Water immersion test
DAF KEUR 00824-844 Natural weathering
DAF KEUR 00824-846 Chemical resistance
DAF KEUR 00824-849 Chemical resistance
DAF LAK 60100 Requirements top paint coatings exterior
DAF MAT 30341/30349 Requirements ABS
DAF MAT 45606 Requirements plastic gauze with hot-stamp foil
DAF MAT 53820 Interior trim panelling
Daimler DBL 5306 Car interior materials
Daimler DBL 5307 Flammability
Daimler DBL 5399 Soiling and cleanability behaviour
Daimler DBL 5400 Glass-fibre reinforced duroplastics
Daimler DBL 5403 Thermoplastics engine compartment
Daimler DBL 5404 Thermoplastics car interior
Daimler DBL 5408 Thermoplastics engine air duct
Daimler DBL 5410 Thermoplastics
Daimler DBL 5416 Thermoplastics car exterior
Daimler DBL 5420 Insulation parts made from plastics
Daimler DBL 5430 Emission and odour in the car interior
Daimler DBL 5450 PUR foam parts
Daimler DBL 5462 Foam parts
Daimler DBL 5471 Lining parts
Daimler DBL 5527 Contact corrosion
Daimler DBL 5555 Polymeric finished / semi-finished parts
Daimler DBL 5556 Elastomeric moulded parts
Daimler DBL 5562 Thermoplastic elastomers
Daimler DBL 5571 Requirements elastomers
Daimler DBL 5573 Foam rubber parts
Daimler DBL 5578 Elastomers
Daimler DBL 5620 Anforderungen plastic glasses
Daimler DBL 5816 Micro-fibre fleece and micro-fibre tissue
Daimler DBL 5867 Requirements technical fabrics
Daimler DBL 6037 Requirements elastomers fuel cell
Daimler DBL 6038 Requirements O-rings and moulded seals
Daimler DBL 7382 Coating of metallic parts
Daimler DBL 7384 Coating of plastic parts
Daimler DBL 7399 Paints
Daimler DBL 7904 Requirements adhesive bonds
Daimler DBL 7906 Requirements self-adhesive components
Daimler DBL 8459 Requirements chrome plating
Daimler DBL 8465 Requirements chrome plating
Daimler DBL 8585 List of banned substances
Daimler DBL 9202 Requirements trim parts car interior
Daimler DBL 9455 Requirements galvanized sheet material
Daimler MBN 10494-5 wipe scratch resistance, scratch resistance
Daimler MBN 10505 Weathering in humid-warm climate
Daimler MBN 10506 Weathering in dry-hot climate
Daimler PAPP PWT 7329 Color change under defined amine-atmosphere
Daimler PB VWL 709 TD analysis of organic compounds
Daimler PB VWT 217 Corrosion testing of vehicle interior trim
Daimler PWT 3668 Shear force bonding
Fiat 50180 Corrosion test
Fiat 50184-B Environmental simulation
Fiat 50184-D Environmental simulation
Fiat 50424 Falling dart impact test
Fiat 50430/09 Density
Fiat 50432/01 Stress cracking resistance
Fiat 50455/08 Emission of amines
Fiat 50457 Gloss
Fiat 50461 Cross hatch testing
Fiat 50555 Flexural behaviour
Fiat 50565 Vicat softening temperature
Fiat 55231/01 PC/ABS
Fiat 7-G2000 Burning behaviour
Fiat 7-G2090 Formaldehyde emission
Fiat 7-M0001 Colour measurement
Fiat 7-M0002 Gloss
Fiat 7-M0003 Surface roughness (embossing)
Fiat 7-M0005 Scratch resistance
Fiat 9.03141/04 Requirements consoles of the tunnel
Fiat 9.03176/01 Safety belts
Fiat 9.55253 Requirements plastic components
Fiat 9.55455 Requirements flock materials
Fiat 9.57413 Requirements chrome plating
Fiat MS.90053 Paint requirements interior parts
Ford AN 101-01 Bleeding, perspiration and water spotting
Ford BI 104-01 Water resistance coating
Ford BI 106-01 Paint adhesion
Ford BI 109-01 Colour matching
Ford BI 113-01 Water and soap spotting
Ford BI 113-02 Acid spotting
Ford BI 113-06 Resistance to perspiration
Ford BI 113-08 Resistance to suntan lotion + insect repellent
Ford BN 102-01 Low-temperature flexibility
Ford BN 103-01 Resistance to migration staining
Ford BN 107-01 Crocking test
Ford BN 108-02 Abrasion resistance Taber
Ford BN 108-13 Scratch resistance
Ford BN 112-08 Soiling and cleanability behaviour
Ford BN 151-05 Adhesion strength of laminates
Ford BN 155-01
Ford BO 101-05 Resistance to fuels
Ford BO 116-01 Light fastness
Ford BO 127-03 Stress cracking resistance
Ford BO 131-01 Odour
Ford BO 131-03 Odour
Ford BO 150-02 UV-resistance textiles
Ford BO 151-01 Resistance to low-temperature impact
Ford BO 160-04 Resistance to high pressure cleaning
Ford BO 162-01 Resistance to scratch and mar
Ford BP 101-01 Ozone resistance
Ford BP 106-03 Low-temperature brittleness
Ford BU 101-06 Shear test label
Ford BU 112-02 Peel adhesion label
Ford BZ 156-01 Emission aldehydes and ketones
Ford BZ 157-01 Emission of organic compounds
Ford DVM-0036-MA Sun cream resistance
Ford DVM-0039-MA Insect repellent resistance
Ford WSD-M9P8-A Requirements rubber parts
Ford WSS-M11P65-A Requirements adhesive labels
Ford WSS-M15P44-B Requirements throw-in mats, carpeted
Ford WSS-M15P45-B Requirements instrument panel
Ford WSS-M15P4-E Requirements interior trim materials
Ford WSS-M15P4-F Requirements mould-in-colour interior parts
Ford WSS-M15P4-G Interior parts performance
Ford WSS-M1P83-D1 Requirements interior electroplating
Ford WSS-M2D507-A Requirements thermoplastic elastomers
Ford WSS-M2D507-B Requirements thermoplastic elastomers
Ford WSS-M2P188-B1 Paint requirements interior parts
Ford WSS-M4D729-A3 Requirements PP, 20% talc-filled
Ford WSS-M4D729-B2 Requirements PP, 20% mineral-filled
Ford WSS-M4D924-B1 Requirements PC/ABS
Ford WSS-M99P2222-D1 Requirements emission and allergene
Ford WSS-M99P32-C Requirements acoustical and thermal assemblies
Ford WSS-M9P8-B Requirements elastomers, interior
GM_Opel GM 2617M Interior trim parts performance
GM_Opel GM 3602M Adhesion tests
GM_Opel GM 4486P Ozone resistance elastomers
GM_Opel GM 9033P Colour fastness against rubbing
GM_Opel GM 9070P Flammability
GM_Opel GM 9150P Resistance to marring or scuffing
GM_Opel GM 9200P Accelerated aging and steaming
GM_Opel GM 9305P Fogging
GM_Opel GM 9505P Climate change testing
GM_Opel GM 9507P Thumbnail hardness
GM_Opel GM 9515P Abrasion resistance Taber
GM_Opel GM 9517P Resistance to perspiration
GM_Opel GM 9538P Weathering
GM_Opel GME 12505-1 Lamps and headlamps
GM_Opel GME 60276 Odour
GM_Opel GME 60292 Colour fastness to light
GM_Opel GME 60326-A Fogging
GM_Opel GME 60326-B Fogging
GM_Opel GME 60401 Cross hatch testing
GM_Opel GMI 60263 Resistance to Sulphur Dioxide
GM_Opel GMI 60264 Resistance to hydrogen sulphide
GM_Opel GMW 14069 Bleeding resistance and contact stain
GM_Opel GMW 14093 Impact resistance
GM_Opel GMW 14102 Resistance to water spotting
GM_Opel GMW 14124 Climate change testing
GM_Opel GMW 14130 Resistance to marring and scuffing
GM_Opel GMW 14131 Emission of amines
GM_Opel GMW 14141 Dye migration
GM_Opel GMW 14147 Requirements elastomeric body seals
GM_Opel GMW 14162 Resistance to weathering
GM_Opel GMW 14168 Requirements glass sealings coated / flocked
GM_Opel GMW 14169 Requirements elastomeric body seals
GM_Opel GMW 14170 Coating requirements for seals
GM_Opel GMW 14294 Resistance to transit coating (wax)
GM_Opel GMW 14296 Resistance to perspiration
GM_Opel GMW 14334 Chemical resistance to fluids
GM_Opel GMW 14444 Interior parts performance
GM_Opel GMW 14445 Sunscreen and insect repellent resistance
GM_Opel GMW 14650 Exterior parts performance
GM_Opel GMW 14651 Requirements monolithic plastic parts car interior
GM_Opel GMW 14668 Requirements chrome plating
GM_Opel GMW 14685 Compressibility elastomer sealing
GM_Opel GMW 14688 Scratch and mar resistance
GM_Opel GMW 14757 Adhesion of elastomers
GM_Opel GMW 14797 Requirements painted plastic parts
GM_Opel GMW 14829 Cross hatch testing
GM_Opel GMW 14864 Resistance to Sulphur Dioxide
GM_Opel GMW 14867 Paint requirements interior parts
GM_Opel GMW 14892 Adhesion requirements for bonded interior parts
GM_Opel GMW 14914 Resistance to fuels
GM_Opel GMW 15379 Freeze characteristics weatherstrips
GM_Opel GMW 15382 Test of joints in weatherstrips
GM_Opel GMW 15564 Long term loss set sealings
GM_Opel GMW 15634 Emission car interior (TD-GC/MS)
GM_Opel GMW 15635 Emission aldehydes and ketones
GM_Opel GMW 15891 Solvent resistance painted plastic parts
GM_Opel GMW 16853 Emission requirements car interior
GM_Opel GMW 3205 Odour
GM_Opel GMW 3221 Conditioning of organic materials
GM_Opel GMW 3232 Flammability
GM_Opel GMW 3235-A Fogging
GM_Opel GMW 3235-B Fogging
GM_Opel GMW 3259 Resistance to mildew
GM_Opel GMW 3402 Resistance to soil and cleaners
GM_Opel GMW 6992 Visual evaluation of automotive trim
GM_Opel GMW 8081 Interior emissions (GC/MS)
Honda HES D 6003 Flammability
Hyundai_Kia MS 201-02 Prohibition of harmful substances
Hyundai_Kia MS 210-05 Moulded parts interior
Hyundai_Kia MS 213-57 Requirements PP materials
Hyundai_Kia MS 300-08 Flammability
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.50.5021 Requirements bright anodised parts
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.50.5151 Requirements chrome-plated plastic parts
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5182 Requirements labels
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5222 Effect of cleaning fluids on trim materials
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5225 Requirements interior trim assemblies
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5229 Emission requirements interior parts
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5241 Paint requirements exterior parts
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5242 Paint requirements interior parts
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5262 Requirements plastic parts
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5301 Requirements elastomers
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5361 Requirements light duty fabrics
Jaguar_Landrover STJLR.51.5381 Lacquered interior parts performance
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.002 Mar Resistance
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.004 Scratch resistance
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.008 Crosshatch Scratch
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.061 Paint adhesion
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.105 Resistance to alkaline car wash fluids
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.152 Resistance to insect repellents
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.153 Sun cream resistance
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.154 Resistance to fuels
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.155 Fluid spotting
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.156 Resistance to perspiration
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.205 Amine staining
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.209 Resistance to migration staining
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.210 Cleanability behaviour
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.252 Resistance to NSS corrosion testing
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.351 Resistance to humidity
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.352 Resistance to heat ageing
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.353 Climate change testing
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.423 Surface fibre deterioration after UV test
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.451 Fabric transparency
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.458 Odour
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.656 Hydrolysis Test
Jaguar_Landrover TPJLR.52.712 Resistance to migration staining/blocking
John Deere LaN 833 Requirements powder coating
John Deere LaN 975 Tests of primer and top coat
Nissan NES M0094 Flammability
Nissan NES M0131 Thermal stability (geometry, appearance)
Nissan NES M0132 Climate change testing
Nissan NES M0133 Chemical resistance
Nissan NES M0134 Falling ball test
Nissan NES M0153 Climate change testing
Nissan NES M0161 Fogging
Nissan NES M8020 Physical tests on thermoplastics
Porsche PN 1004 Environmental compatibility
Porsche PN 705 Requirements elastomers
Porsche PN 707-2 Requirements seals
Porsche PN 710 Definition test media
Porsche PN 780 Emission car interior
Porsche PPV 4014 Weathering
Porsche PPV 4015 Climate change testing
Porsche PPV 4022 Limitation of surface defects Interior
Porsche PPV 4023 Limitation of surface defects body sealings
Porsche PPV 8042 TD analysis of organic compounds
Porsche PTL 10105 Evaluation after weathering
Porsche PTL 14045 Residual dirt analysis
Porsche PTL 4012 Requirements self-adhesive labels
Porsche PTL 4025 Requirements chrome plating
Porsche PTL 4061 Requirements coated sealings
Porsche PTL 4401 Electrical volume resistivity
Porsche PTL 5524 Requirements paint exterior parts
Porsche PTL 5536 Paint requirements interior parts
Porsche PTL 5538 Paint requirements interior parts
Porsche PTL 5805 Requirements transport protection foils
Porsche PTL 7520 Paint requirements powder coating
Porsche PTL 7534 Requirements duplex coating
Porsche PTL 8110 Requirements absorbing material
Porsche PTL 8127-1 Requirements non-woven
Porsche PTL 8501 Flammability
Porsche PV 3983 Resistance to media
Porsche VW 50002 Definition test media
Porsche VW 50014 Interior parts performance
PSA B20 0250 Absence of pollutants
PSA B62 0300 Requirements thermoplast, thermoset + elastomer
PSA D10 5496 Volatile amines in PU
PSA D10 5517 Odour
PSA D40 5535 Formaldehyde and carbonyl emission by HPLC
PSA D41 1029 PSA Tensile strength
PSA D41 1065 PSA Tensile strength after threadless stitching
PSA D41 1126 PSA Tear strength
PSA D41 5225 Tensile shear strength
PSA D45 1010 Colour fastness against rubbing
PSA D45 1139 PSA Thermal stability (geometry, appearance)
PSA D45 1195 PSA Thickness and compressibility
PSA D45 1225 PSA Additive volatility
PSA D45 1234 PSA Heat ageing
PSA D45 1333 PSA Flammability
PSA D45 1601 PSA Volatility of additives
PSA D45 1727 PSA Fogging
PSA D47 1005 Water spotting
PSA D47 1217 Resistance to micro-organisms
PSA D47 1309 Climate change testing
PSA D51 1485 Peel test at 90°
Renault D17 1058 Salt spray
Renault D41 1029 Tensile strength
Renault D41 1065 Tensile strength after threadless stitching
Renault D41 1126 Tear strength
Renault D45 1047 Resistance to Scratch
Renault D45 1139 Thermal stability (geometry, appearance)
Renault D45 1195 Thickness and compressibility
Renault D45 1225 Additive volatility
Renault D45 1333 Flammability
Renault D45 1727-A Fogging
Renault D45 1727-B Fogging
Saab STD 1082 Fogging
Saab STD 2241 Resistance to moisture
Saab STD 3159 UV-resistance
Saab STD 3816 Grading scales environmental simulation
Saab STD 3907 Climate change testing
Saab STD 501 Resistance to chemicals
Scania STD 4466 Burning behaviour of materials
Scania TB4087 Requirements painted front surfaces
Suzuki SES N 3211b Requirements PP materials
Suzuki SES N 3245 Flammability
Suzuki SES N 3253 Corrosiveness of textile materials
Suzuki SES N 3291a Testing methods plastics
Toyota TSH 1503G Paint adhesion
Toyota TSH 1508G Solvent resistance paint
Toyota TSH 1509G Chemical resistance paint
Toyota TSH 1539G Hardness test paint
Toyota TSH 3130G Paint requirements interior parts
Toyota TSM 0500G Flammability
Toyota TSM 5754G Thermoplastics car interior
various OEM's 2000/53/EG Check for heavy metals
various OEM's 95/28/EG Burning behaviour (horizontal)
various OEM's AATCC 118 Oil resistance
various OEM's AATCC 169 Weather resistance of textiles
various OEM's AATCC 22 Water resistance
various OEM's AKLV 01 Requirements airbag system
various OEM's AKLV 02 Air bag
various OEM's ASTM B 117 Salt spray test
various OEM's ASTM B 487 Microscopical coating thickness measurement
various OEM's ASTM B 571 Adhesion testing metallic coatings
various OEM's ASTM D 5034 Tensile strength fabric (grab test)
various OEM's ASTM D 5733 Tear strength fabric
various OEM's ASTM D257 Electrical resistance
various OEM's ASTM D2671 Tests heat-shrinkable tubing
various OEM's ASTM D3359 Adhesion
various OEM's ASTM D4060 Abrasion resistance Taber
various OEM's ASTM D5733 Tear strength fabrics
various OEM's ASTM D903 Peel strength adhesive bonds
various OEM's ASTM G24 Florida exposure test
various OEM's DIN 34804 Change of appearance of black surfaces
various OEM's DIN 5033-3 Colour measurement
various OEM's DIN 52351 Humidity content and thickness swelling
various OEM's DIN 53100 Electroplated coatings on plastics
various OEM's DIN 53351 Folding behaviour
various OEM's DIN 53357 Layer separation test
various OEM's DIN 53359 Flex cracking test
various OEM's DIN 53370 Thickness measurement plastic foil
various OEM's DIN 53377 Dimensional changes plastic foils
various OEM's DIN 53428 Resistance to liquids etc.
various OEM's DIN 53435 Bending and impact bending test
various OEM's DIN 53438-3 Surface flame action
various OEM's DIN 53497 Hot-storage test
various OEM's DIN 53504 Tensile test elastomers
various OEM's DIN 53508 Accelerated ageing elastomers
various OEM's DIN 53512 Rebound resilience
various OEM's DIN 53530 Separation test on fabric plies bonded together
various OEM's DIN 53579 Indentation test (hardness)
various OEM's DIN 53892-2 Dimensional changes of fabrics
various OEM's DIN 53931 Resistance to mildew
various OEM's DIN 54345-1 Electrostatic behaviour
various OEM's DIN 5510-2 Flammability
various OEM's DIN 55662 Resistance to pressure-water jetting
various OEM's DIN 60900-1 Yarns - definitions
various OEM's DIN 6174 CIELAB colorimetry
various OEM's DIN 6175-1 Tolerances for paints
various OEM's DIN 67530 Gloss
various OEM's DIN 75200 Burning behaviour
various OEM's DIN 75201-A Fogging behaviour
various OEM's DIN 75201-B Fogging behaviour
various OEM's DIN 75202 Light fastness
various OEM's DIN 75220 Sun light simulation
various OEM's DIN EN 12127 Mass per unit area
various OEM's DIN EN 12540 Breaks in chromium layers
various OEM's DIN EN 13130-4 1,3-butadiene in plastics
various OEM's DIN EN 1464 Peel resistance adhesive bonds
various OEM's DIN EN 1465 Tensile lap-shear strength adhesive bonds
various OEM's DIN EN 15336 Creep strength adhesive bonds
various OEM's DIN EN 20105-A02 Colour fastness: grey scale
various OEM's DIN EN 20105-A03 Colour fastness: staining by grey scale
various OEM's DIN EN 20811 Hydrostatic pressure test
various OEM's DIN EN 22313 Recovery from creasing
various OEM's DIN EN 28510-1 90° peel test adhesives
various OEM's DIN EN 29073-1 Determination of masses per unit area
various OEM's DIN EN 310 Bending test wood
various OEM's DIN EN 322 Moisture content wood
various OEM's DIN EN 323 Density wood
various OEM's DIN EN 3665 Filiform corrosion aluminium
various OEM's DIN EN 60068-2-38 Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test
various OEM's DIN EN 60068-2-78 Test damp heat, steady state
various OEM's DIN EN 60112 Proof and comparative tracking index
various OEM's DIN EN 60695-2-12 Glowing / hot-wire test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 10289 Rating of test specimens after corrosion test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 105-B02 Colour fastness textiles
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 105-B06 Colour fastness Xenotest
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 105-E01 Colour fastness against water
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 105-E04 Colour fastness against perspiration
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 105-X12 Colour fastness against rubbing
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1133 MFR/MVR
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 11357-1 DSC
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 11357-3 Temperature of melting and crystallization
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 11640 Colour fastness against rubbing (leather)
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1172 Filler content
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1183-1 Density
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 12945-2 Fluff and pill formation
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 12947-1 Rub resistance (Martindale)
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 13934-1 Maximum force and elongation at maximum force
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 13937-2 Tear force trouser-shaped specimens
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 13938-1 Burst behaviour of fabrics
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 14125 Flexural properties
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1421 Tensile test coated textiles
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1518 Scratch test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 15184 Film hardness by pencil test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1520 Cupping test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 16925
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 178 Flexural properties
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 179-1 Charpy impact properties
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1798 Tensile test foam materials
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 180 Izod impact strength
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1856 Compression set foam materials
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 1923 Thickness measurement foam material
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2039-1 Ball indentation hardness
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 20567-1 Stone impact test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2060 Linear density yarns
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2062 Maximum force and elongation at maximum force
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2177 Thickness of metallic coatings
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2178 Coating thickness
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 22088-3 Resistance to environmental stress cracking
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2286-2 Determination of masses per unit area
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 23910 Stitch tear strength
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2409 Cross-cut test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2808 Thickness coatings
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2810 Natural weathering
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2812-3 Resistance to liquids
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2812-4 Resistance to liquids
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 2813 Determination of specular gloss
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 306 Vicat softening temperature
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 307 Viscosity number
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 3231 Resistance to SO2
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 3386-1 Stress characteristics in compression foam
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 3451-1 Residue on ignition
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 3668 Visual comparison of the colour of paints
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4628-1 Evaluation of coating degradation
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4628-2 Degree of blistering
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4628-3 Degree of rusting
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4628-4 Degree of cracking
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4628-8 Delamination and corrosion
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4674-1 Tear strength
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 4892-2 Weathering
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 5084 Thickness of textiles
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 527-1 Tensile properties
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 527-2 Tensile test testing conditions
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 527-4 Tensile fibre-reinforced plastics
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 5402 Bending strength Flexometer
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 5470-1 Abrasion resistance
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 62 Water absorption
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 6270-2 Condensed water constant climate test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 6427 Determination of extractable matter
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 6603-2 Puncture test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 6860 Mandrel bend test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 75-2 Heat deflection temperature
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 844 Compression properties hard foams
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 845 Apparent density foam
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 868 Shore hardness test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 9227 Salt spray test
various OEM's DIN EN ISO 9237 Air permeability
various OEM's DIN IEC 60093 Electrical resistivity
various OEM's DIN ISO 1431-1 Resistance to ozone cracking
various OEM's DIN ISO 1628-5 Viscosity number
various OEM's DIN ISO 2285 Tension set
various OEM's DIN ISO 34-1 Tear strength
various OEM's DIN ISO 4649
various OEM's DIN ISO 7619-1 Shore hardness test
various OEM's DIN ISO 812 Determination of low-temperature brittleness
various OEM's DIN ISO 815 Compression set
various OEM's ELV/RoHS RoHS guideline
various OEM's FMVSS 302 Flammability
various OEM's GB 8410 Flammability
various OEM's IEC 60068-2 a.o. climate change testing
various OEM's ISO 11358 Thermogravimetry
various OEM's ISO 11359-2 Thermomechanical analysis
various OEM's ISO 12097-2 Testing of airbag modules
various OEM's ISO 16750-3 Mechanical tests electronic components
various OEM's ISO 16750-5 Resistance to chemicals
various OEM's ISO 1765 Thickness
various OEM's ISO 2796 Dimensional stability
various OEM's ISO 37 Tensile test
various OEM's ISO 3795 Flammability
various OEM's ISO 3865 Contact staining
various OEM's ISO 6452 Fogging behaviour
various OEM's ISO 7724-3 Colorimetry
various OEM's SAE J1351 Odour
various OEM's SAE J1756-A Fogging
various OEM's SAE J1756-B Fogging
various OEM's SAE J365 Resistance to scuffing
various OEM's SAE J948 Abrasion resistance (Taber)
various OEM's VDA 230-209 Determination of flexural properties
various OEM's VDA 230-210 Hook-and-loop fastener test
various OEM's VDA 237-101 Falling ball test
various OEM's VDA 270 Odour
various OEM's VDA 275 Formaldehyde emission
various OEM's VDA 277 Emission of organic compounds
various OEM's VDA 278 TD analysis of organic compounds
various OEM's VDA 280-1 Colour measurement plastic surface car interior
various OEM's VDA 621-408 Resistance to oil black
various OEM's VDA 621-409 Colour comparison
various OEM's VDA 621-412 Resistance to chemicals
various OEM's VDA 621-415 Corrosion testing coatings
various OEM's VDA 675-101 IRHD microhardness testing
various OEM's VDA 675-102 Shore hardness test
various OEM's VDA 675-116 Coldness characteristics
various OEM's VDA 675-130 Residue on ignition
various OEM's VDA 675-135 Identification by TGA
various OEM's VDA 675-140 Identification by FTIR
various OEM's VDA 675-205 Tensile test
various OEM's VDA 675-211 Tearing test
various OEM's VDA 675-216 Compression set
various OEM's VDA 675-217 Tension set
various OEM's VDA 675-241 Copper corrosion
various OEM's VDA 675-242 Coating indifference
various OEM's VDA 675-310 Heat ageing
various OEM's VDA 675-311 Ozone resistance
various OEM's VDA 75202 UV resistance
various OEM's Webasto MD_122 Burning behavior of materials
Volvo STD 1024,3216 Temperature of retraction after freezing
Volvo STD 1026,8201 Colour fastness: grey scale
Volvo STD 1027,3231 Ozone resistance
Volvo STD 104-0001 Flammability
Volvo STD 1228,16 Requirements cellular rubber
Volvo STD 412-0001 Requirements rubber
Volvo STD 420-0003 Fogging
Volvo STD 423-0030 Scratch resistance
Volvo STD 423-0037 Colour fastness to rubbing
Volvo STD 429-0001 Odour
Volvo STD 429-0002 Formaldehyde emission
Volvo STD 429-0003 Eission organic compounds
Volvo TC 80000003 Soiling and cleaning of plastic surfaces
Volvo VCS 1021,29 Scribing and scratch evaluation coatings
Volvo VCS 1021,52119 Requirements test panels
Volvo VCS 1024,11159 Compression set sponge rubber
Volvo VCS 1024,31139 Scratch resistance (Erichsen)
Volvo VCS 1024,369 Resistance to car wash facility
Volvo VCS 1024,7136 Stone chip resistance
Volvo VCS 1026,51729 Colour comparison
Volvo VCS 1026,52729 Gloss
Volvo VCS 1026,81779 Chemical resistance
Volvo VCS 1026,84329 Colour fastness against rubbing
Volvo VCS 1027,0519 Degree of blistering
Volvo VCS 1027,1449 Accelerated corrosion test
Volvo VCS 1027,2719 Fogging
Volvo VCS 1027,2729 Odour
Volvo VCS 1027,2739 Formaldehyde emission
Volvo VCS 1027,2749 Emission of organic compounds
Volvo VCS 1027,2759 Determination of volatile organic compounds
Volvo VCS 1027,32319 Ozone resistance
Volvo VCS 1027,33719 Climate ageing
Volvo VCS 1027,33759 Cyclic humid ageing
Volvo VCS 1029,54719 Resistance to pressure-water jetting
Volvo VCS 1029,54729 Cross-cut test
Volvo VCS 1029,54739 Paint adhesion
Volvo VCS 5715,1029 Degree of rusting
Volvo VCS 5751,59 Requirements coating
Volvo VCS 7411,1719 Requirements corrugated protecting hoses
VW_Audi PV 1015 Electrical volume resistivity
VW_Audi PV 1200 Climate change testing
VW_Audi PV 1210 Corrosion test
VW_Audi PV 1300 Thermal stability PVC
VW_Audi PV 1303 Colour fastness to light
VW_Audi PV 1306 Stickiness
VW_Audi PV 1323 UV resistance
VW_Audi PV 1502 Crack resistance clear coat
VW_Audi PV 1503
VW_Audi PV 2005 Climate change testing
VW_Audi PV 2034 Roll peel test
VW_Audi PV 3015 Fogging
VW_Audi PV 3305 Ozone resistance
VW_Audi PV 3307 Plastic/elastic deformability
VW_Audi PV 3339 Deposits coolant hoses
VW_Audi PV 3341 Emission organic compounds
VW_Audi PV 3353 Soiling and cleanability behaviour
VW_Audi PV 3355 Contact heat ageing
VW_Audi PV 3356 Soiling and cleanability behaviour
VW_Audi PV 3410 Tests PUR flexible foam
VW_Audi PV 3900 Odour
VW_Audi PV 3905 Falling ball test
VW_Audi PV 3906 Abrasion behaviour
VW_Audi PV 3907 Brush abrasion
VW_Audi PV 3919 Compression load deflection damping
VW_Audi PV 3920 Fogging
VW_Audi PV 3922 Oil- and water-repellent behaviour
VW_Audi PV 3925 Formaldehyde emission
VW_Audi PV 3927 Thermogravimetric identity check
VW_Audi PV 3929 Weathering dry-hot (Arizona test)
VW_Audi PV 3930 Weathering humid-warm (Florida test)
VW_Audi PV 3932
VW_Audi PV 3937 Emission of amines
VW_Audi PV 3939 Extractable matter
VW_Audi PV 3944 Amine discoloration sun visor
VW_Audi PV 3952 Scratch resistance
VW_Audi PV 3954 Bending stiffness floor covering assembly
VW_Audi PV 3959 Hydrolysis test
VW_Audi PV 3960 Indentation hardness
VW_Audi PV 3962 Scratch resistance metallic seals
VW_Audi PV 3964 Sun cream resistance
VW_Audi PV 3965 visual matching of decorative surfaces
VW_Audi PV 3966 Stress whitening (falling ball)
VW_Audi PV 3971 Falling ball test
VW_Audi PV 3974 Scratch inclination
VW_Audi PV 3975 Rub resistance high-gloss surfaces
VW_Audi PV 3976 Corrosion of copper by elastomers
VW_Audi PV 3987 Micro scratch resistance
VW_Audi TL 1010 Flammability
VW_Audi TL 1011 Flammability vertical
VW_Audi TL 207 Requirements reflection layers
VW_Audi TL 211 Paint requirements exterior parts
VW_Audi TL 226 Paint requirements interior parts
VW_Audi TL 227 Paint requirements metal surfaces
VW_Audi TL 244 Requirements Zn/Ni surfaces
VW_Audi TL 292 Requirements PVC foil
VW_Audi TL 496 Requirements door trim/side trim panel
VW_Audi TL 52007 Requirements hot print foils
VW_Audi TL 52013 Requirements PPE+PS
VW_Audi TL 52018 Requirements foam adhesive tape
VW_Audi TL 52035 Requirements PP/EPDM/PE
VW_Audi TL 52038 Requirements self-adhesive labels
VW_Audi TL 52045 Requirements PUR steering wheel foam
VW_Audi TL 52062 Requirements PA 6.6, glass-fibre reinforced
VW_Audi TL 52064 Requirements leather
VW_Audi TL 52065 Requirements elastomer sealings
VW_Audi TL 52068 Requirements EPDM coolant hose
VW_Audi TL 52090 Requirements PP-EPDM, glass-fibre reinforced
VW_Audi TL 52217 Ageing behaviour exterior parts
VW_Audi TL 52221 Requirements PP
VW_Audi TL 52223 Requirements adhesive tape for TPE/elastomer
VW_Audi TL 52226 Requirements moulded headlining
VW_Audi TL 52231 Requirements PC/ABS
VW_Audi TL 52254 Requirements knitted fabrics with foam backing
VW_Audi TL 52277 Requirements POM finished parts
VW_Audi TL 52278 Requirements rubber floor mat
VW_Audi TL 52283 Requirements polypropylene
VW_Audi TL 52288 Requirements PA, mineral reinforced
VW_Audi TL 52296 Requirements instrument panel
VW_Audi TL 52306 Requirements carpet
VW_Audi TL 52311 Requirements graft polymers
VW_Audi TL 52320 Requirements dampening sheets
VW_Audi TL 52321 Requirements wooden parts
VW_Audi TL 52345 Requirements body seals EPDM
VW_Audi TL 52350 Requirements top fabric convertible
VW_Audi TL 52361 Requirements coolant hose with aramide
VW_Audi TL 52388 Requirements PP
VW_Audi TL 52394 Requirements melamine resin foam
VW_Audi TL 52419 Requirements PP foil protective sill trim strip
VW_Audi TL 52428
VW_Audi TL 52437 Requirements headlight covers PC
VW_Audi TL 52439 Requirements PA pipe
VW_Audi TL 52440 Requirements PA 6, glass-fibre reinforced
VW_Audi TL 52442 Requirements floor covering
VW_Audi TL 52447 Flocking of Interior Trim Material
VW_Audi TL 52449 Requirements composite nonwoven-foam flakes
VW_Audi TL 52452 Requirements PP
VW_Audi TL 52473 Requirements sun visor
VW_Audi TL 52476 Requirements POM
VW_Audi TL 526 Requirements soft PVC
VW_Audi TL 52602 Requirements PU foam
VW_Audi TL 52607 Requirements PUR insert parts
VW_Audi TL 52608 Requirements nonwoven
VW_Audi TL 52613 Requirements PET nonwoven absorber
VW_Audi TL 52622 Thermoplastic Elastomers for the Exterior
VW_Audi TL 52625 Requirements plastic mounting support
VW_Audi TL 52631 Requirements bumper and spoiler
VW_Audi TL 52637 Requirements pillar cover/entrance sill
VW_Audi TL 52639 Requirements PP
VW_Audi TL 52649 Requirements wheel housing
VW_Audi TL 52652 Requirements ASA-PC
VW_Audi TL 52653 Requirements PU flexible foam
VW_Audi TL 52660 Requirements under shield applications
VW_Audi TL 52663 Requirements radiator grille
VW_Audi TL 52671 Requirements covers PMMA
VW_Audi TL 52673 Requirements ASA+PA
VW_Audi TL 52681 Requirements fuel filler tube
VW_Audi TL 52682 Requirements coolant-contacting parts
VW_Audi TL 52685 Requirements Polyether-PUR soft foam
VW_Audi TL 52690 Requirements PP exterior parts
VW_Audi TL 52693 Requirements floor mat
VW_Audi TL 52694 Requirements corrugated pipe
VW_Audi TL 527 Requirements ABS
VW_Audi TL 52703 Requirements TPE sealings
VW_Audi TL 52704 Requirements EPDM sealings
VW_Audi TL 52705 Polypropylene with soft-touch-haptic for interior
VW_Audi TL 528 Requirements chrome plating
VW_Audi TL 529/2 Requirements PUR
VW_Audi TL 533 Requirements hard PE
VW_Audi TL 533/1 Requirements PE container
VW_Audi TL 554 Requirements PET resin, glass-fibre reinforced
VW_Audi TL 591 Requirements organic glasses for lights
VW_Audi TL 669 Requirements PE finished parts
VW_Audi TL 778 Requirements low temperature grease
VW_Audi TL 976 Requirements windshield washer system
VW_Audi VW 2.8.1 Requirements elastomers
VW_Audi VW 3976
VW_Audi VW 44045 Requirements PP
VW_Audi VW 50105 Requirements upholstery materials
VW_Audi VW 50106 Requirements threads and embroidery threads
VW_Audi VW 50123 Requirements TPE
VW_Audi VW 50125 Polyamide 6 for Parts in the Vehicle Interior
VW_Audi VW 50127 Polyamide 66 for Parts in the Vehicle Interior
VW_Audi VW 50129 Requirements coated sealings
VW_Audi VW 50131 Adhesion requirements attenuators
VW_Audi VW 50133 Requirements PA 66 car exterior
VW_Audi VW 50134 Requirements PA 6 car exterior
VW_Audi VW 50180 Emission requirements car interior
VW_Audi VW 50181 Fogging behaviour
VW_Audi VW 50185
VW_Audi VW 50190 Colorimetric assessment
VW_Audi VW 80101 Requirements car electronics
VW_Audi VW 91101 Avoidance of Hazardous Substances