Analytical Services for Automotive Suppliers

There are separate pages with typical questions especially for automotive suppliers in the areas of plastics, coatings, as well as man-made fibres and textiles. Alongside this, we also examine other materials such as glass surfaces, friction linings, electronic components such as switches and circuit boards and much more.

Within the scope of the Automotive Approval Testing, our raw material and product analysis will check the conformity of your product with the regulations given by your OEM. This includes various Environmental Simulation Tests, too. We are happy to create individual analysis packages for you. 

We can also analyze competitive products for you with regard to materials used, processing details, etc. 

Just when it gets difficult, for example in case of finding the causes for defects observed or of complaints, our failure analysis can you help you. Here, we will be pleased to act as an independent consultant and deliver professionally prepared analysis reports to you which you can forward to your suppliers directly.

If a complaint may be due to a processing problem or if you are planning a process optimization, you will also find the appropriate process measurement techniques to support your project with us.

The standard ISO TS 16949 common in the automotive industry requires an accredited testing laboratory as per ISO 17025 for analyses. We have fulfilled this condition for over 10 years. We offer you a fast and comprehensive one-stop analytical service.