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Climate-neutral services now available at ASO

ASO is increasingly focusing on climate protection. Since May 2021, the accredited analytical laboratory of the Obernburg-based company has been offering its analytical services in a climate-neutral way. Customers and partners thus have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and actively protect the environment.

Opportunity for companies to offset their CO2 emissions

Temperatures are rising, extreme weather conditions are increasing - more and more people are aware of the impact their actions have on climate change. Companies, too, are increasingly taking their responsibility seriously. Thus, the public increasingly understands climate-conscious action and business as a component of sustainable corporate strategies. A trend that Analytik Service Obernburg GmbH (ASO) has also long recognised. Just as other companies in the SKZ Group are already doing, ASO will offer climate-neutral testing services from May 2021.

In recent years, ASO has already set the course for a more sustainable use of energy resources - for example, by introducing an energy management system and determining the corresponding energy basis. In this way, particularly energy-intensive tests could be identified. As a result, ASO purchased more new and more energy-efficient equipment and was thus able to reduce CO2 emissions considerably. A further contribution to reducing energy consumption was achieved by condensing the use of space.

Supporting projects for reforestation or the expansion of renewable energies

Despite all these measures, it is not possible to completely prevent all CO2 emissions. Therefore, ASO has developed an overall concept in order to be able to offer climate-neutral inspection services as an option. The concept is based on compensating CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided or at least reduced in an inspection programme by means of so-called CO2 certificates. The basic idea: with the acquired certificates, companies support projects that are intended to help remove greenhouse gases at another location. These are, for example, projects for reforestation or the expansion of renewable energies.

"ASO attaches great importance to environmental protection and would like to offer its customers and partners an environmentally friendly added value with this offer," says Gerald Aengenheytser, Managing Director of ASO and SKZ Testing GmbH, about the concept. Companies that opt for climate-neutral services will henceforth receive test reports with a special test mark - in this way, the environmental idea is also visually in the foreground. 

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Emission test according to VW 50180

After the successful completion of the last interlaboratory comparison ASO continues its VW listing for the emission tests of the VW 50180 standard.

ASO continues to offer its customers the full range of the material test according to the VW 50180 Emission test protocol.

Positive feedback on customer survey

Based on our bi-yearly schedule, we conducted a customer’s satisfaction survey in of 2017. Participants could vote on their satisfaction with ASO on a scale from 1-10 regarding seven individual categories. The overall score showed once again a very positive appraisal of ASO by our customers.

The resulting net promoter score (NPS) of ASO reached an outstanding 71 %. In the individual categories top scores ranging 8.6 to 8.8 were achieved regarding expertise, scheduling and reporting as well as service and availability. The lowest approval scored the category ‘cost’ with an average of 7.4, still being a favorable rating. We take this as an indication for an appropriate cost-benefit ratio of our services.

ASO becomes Analytik Service Obernburg GmbH

Following the  acquisition of the Mainsite analytical Division by the SKZ-Testing GmbH, ASO is doing business as an independent company under the name of Analytik Service Obernburg GmbH starting 2017-04-01. Due to this strategic Investment from the SKZ Group, ASO will be able to offer a wide range of testings and analytics, especially to our customers in the polymer / synthetics business. A press release regarding this new partnership can be found at: